My lastest release. More than 2400 settings of the EMT 246 were captured as Impulse Responses with the high-grade Prism Orpheus converter.

The following programs of the EMT 246 can be found on this DVD:

- Short RT
- Med RT
- Long RT
- Non-Lin (complete!*)

* On this DVD the EMT 246s low pass filter settings were not used. Low pass filters can be accomplished very well by the SIR2 convolution reverb.

Formats: 96kHz/24bit, 48kHz/24bit, 44.1kHz/24bit

Price: € 69 (incl. worldwide shipping)

Delivery on 2 x DVD-R or USB stick.

Sound examples:

Non-Lin on snare track
(alternating dry/wet):

Download MP3

Download WAV
Long RT on vocals
(alternating dry/wet):

Download MP3

Download WAV

... more Impulse Responses ...  

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